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Lalish landmark from aerial view

We are a group of educated young Ezidis living in the United States dedicated to educating the U.S government, institutions, scholars, and the public about Ezidi history, heritage, and culture. Ezidi is one of the oldest religions in the Middle East and has suffered from discrimination, oppression, and have been subjected to many genocide attempts, mainly due to their different beliefs and culture.





Ezidi Religion




Ezidi is one of the oldest (Indo-European) religions. The followers of the Ezidi religious believe in one God. In addition, they respect and believe in a branch of Angels led by most powerful one called Tawus Malak. A key belief in the Ezidi religion is that a human’s spirit is obtained from God, and it.

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Online Donations Real Help to People!

Please donate and help us raise money to support the victims and families that need it most. The Ezidis are displaced and are living on the streets of Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

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